September 28, 2010

Exclusive Interview: Dante Santiago!

Ladies and gentlemen, after the 2008 interview with Keith Harris, the Black Eyed Peas drummer, I bring to you a fresh interview from the 5th pea, mr. Dante Santiago!


What's up Dante first of all I'd like to say thanks for the oportunity, I'm sure the peabodies are excited to know what you have to say!
Well thank u! I just have to say the peabodies are the best fans in the world, hands down.

Ok let's start from the beginning. Tell us where you were born, and how was it growing up there.
Los Angeles, Ca. It was one of the best times of my life.

Do you remember what type of music you used to listen back then?
Soul Music, Hip Hop & 80's music.

How did you meet
At Balistyx, after winning one of his many battles.

Is it true that won a rap battle against Twista? Do you know how it was?
Indeed.  Oh yeah I was standing onstage watching Will take Twista's flow and flippin it on him.

How did Atban Klann start?
Easy E from NWA approached Will and wanted to sign him solo but Will said, no I need my crew.


Whats your favorite Atban Klann song?
Open Ya Mind, Worlds Gone Mad, Mountain Top, Rain On Me, Etc. Too many to have a favorite.

Is there any funny story about the beginning of the group you can remember?
I know my style of dress changed.

How did you get a deal from Eazy-E's Ruthless Records?
Easy E asked me to sign as a solo artist but before that could happen, he passed away!
I remember there was a member called Mookie Mook. What did he do after Atban klann?
He was in a group called Burning Star and he recently has been on the writing team for The Beginning.

What about Dj Motiv8?
He became bep's DJ and now has become a worldwide DJ!

After Eazy-E passed away, how long did it take you guys to start the Black Eyed Peas? How was it?
After a few months, Will, Apl & myself, formed Black Eyed Peas and started recording at our friends,
Brian Austin Green (90210) and Benyad from (Blood of Abraham) studio's. It was a dope experience.

How did Taboo join the group?
He was in a group named Pablo and shortly after became a part of bep in 95. 

I heard you used to dance for Aaliyah, how did you meet her?
I met her through bep's original manager Yan Styles and R. Kelly.

Once you said one of the biggest moments of your career was when you met Tupac in the studio. Could you detail to the peabodies how it happened?
Pac came out of his session into the lobby for a break and saw my girfriend at the time was distracting me.
So after she left, he asked me to come into his room to show me how to become more confident when recording. He told me that when I record or perform on stage I should have a certain swag. I still use that advice to this day, as u will see in the upcoming South America shows. Alot of people have been influenced by him, well I got it first hand.

Behind the Front mention the west coast x east coast rivarly in a lot of songs. What do you have to say about these crazy times?
It was a very interesting time. But we never got caught up in any of that nonsense.

Could you tell us about when Fergie joined the Peas? Was it really you who introduced her to the guys?
t was a battle for her at first being the only girl on the road at the time. Once she got the hang of it, its been so crackin ever since. I have been friends with Ferg since 91 and when Will asked me if I knew of a girl to sing with them, I told him Stacy Ferguson aka Fergie. Then I told Ferg, I know you're doing your solo stuff but this is a chance for you to record with BEP and see what happens.

Whats your favorite Black Eyed Peas album?
All of them. 

Could you name an artist you would like to be on a track with?
Ive been fortunate to record and be onstage with some of greatest ever. So its too many to mention.

Who do you think its the hottest MC in the game right now? Besides any BEP member!Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Drake, there running things right now.

Whats your favorite rap album?
I cant pick one, Wu Tang (Enter The 36 Chambers), Dr Dre (The Chronic), Eric B & Rakin (Paid in Full), Public Enemy (Its Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back), Run DMC (Raisin Hell), it goes on & on.

Whats the last album you bought?
Notorious BIG Ready to Die repackage.

Favorite book?
I dont have one.

Favorite movie?
Too Many, but right now The Town & Wall Street!

What will the south american fans, expect about the END tour?
They will be blown away, straight up!

What does it feel like to be the 5th pea?
It has it's ups and downs but overall a great experience.


Is there any other project your working on?
Yeah my Solo Record and some other things I'm putting together, so stay tuned.

How is the production of the Beginning going?
Incredible, that's all that needs to be said.

I know BEP changes the music scene in every album they drop, but if you could compare the Beginning to one of the previous albums, which one would it be?
There is no comparison, that all stand on their own. 6 great albums!

Dante I would like to thank you so much for letting us know more about the BEP story, so to end this interview, can you say something to the brazilian fans?
I can't wait to see and meet u guys, I love it in South America.

Now you know tSWAGG got many visitors from other countries, what you gotta say about the rest of the world fans?
Im speechless on that one but I will say this, I love how fans all over the world embrace us and our music ever since the first album.

Thank you very much mr. 5th pea!
You welcome, Peas and Love!


Peabody4life said...

aww, the peabodies are the best fans:) i have songs from Atban Klann on my ipod! Dante i love this interview!! you've always been so talented.. i will always support you.. and i'm glad i got the chance to meet you a few times:) xox

Peas & Love


j3lu - is DEZ said...

Now I understand why we call Dante Mr The 5th Pea. We would like to say we love you so much Dante. You standing position behind the BEP sound likely a Big brother. Much love to Dante from The land down the bottom -

This is Australia -(j3)